who are the Beautiful People ?

Who can you trust ?

You do not know me from Adam and will wonder if you can trust a photographer with whom you’ll spend an hour or two, isolated in a deep forest or in the middle of nowhere. First of all, you can come with a friend of yours. I would strongly recommend against coming with your mum/dad or boyfriend/girlfriend if you want to truly be you – the CRAZY YOU – in front of the camera.

You can also ask for references to the numerous Beautiful People who gave me a chance (you will find them on Facebook): Marc-Laurent Magnier, Marine Pouilleau, Julie D. Leclercq, Lucia Nocerino, Julie Nicolas, Lora Petrović, Dounia Goffinet, Linsée Guns, Michael Louis, Natalie Agneessens, Elodie Magnier, Julie Gerard, Sandra Ribeiro Russo, Antoine Leblanc, Catherine Crepin, Caroline Leroy, Fany Debrux, Paméla Bosmans and many more.



What are my conditions ?

I am not committing to any result but ensure we’ll have a good time together if you come here for fun. I shoot exclusively over the week-end and am quite quick for the post-processing (usually within the week). Bilateral trust: I hate last minute cancellation … really ! I post the final pictures on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr… and will tag you for the sake of being famous (one day 😉 ). I stamp all pictures with my wonderful and very discreet logo. If you decide to share my pictures, you must make a link to my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ChristopheGodfroidPhotography). I keep the ownership and intellectual property of the pictures but will give you high-definition copies of the post-processed pictures. I might use the pictures in exhibitions, books, contests … whatever.