Christophe Godfroid Photography


You Beautiful People

I am a self-taught, fervent photographer nestled in the picturesque region of Namur, Belgium. If I were to name a single muse, it would undoubtedly be Anton Corbijn, the legendary photographer of the stars. My essence is deeply rooted in the vibrant pulse of the 80s, an era when captivating music videos reigned supreme on MTV.


With “You Beautiful People” (YBP), I embarked on a mission to celebrate the beauty that resides in each of you. Your eyes captivate me, drawing me into the depths of your soul, and I invite visitors to join me in this intimate exploration.


This site offers a glimpse into my artistic realm. Together, let us embark on a visual odyssey through a maze of infinite lines, where contradictions merge to symbolize continuity and dynamism. Consider it a window in the wall, a perspective I hope you will cherish.


My work thrives on collaboration. If you feel inspired, reach out, and let’s create something extraordinary together.